What makes this gym different?

This Gym wants what you want, for you to see results.
Gym Membership meets Personal Training.

To the naked eye Hot Fitness 24/7 may just appear to be any other member based gym and personal training facility. Entering the gym you will see various pieces of strength and cardio equipment; suspension training systems,functional, stabilization, and all types of inventive equipment to provide you with option for your training needs.

What makes Hot Fitness 24/7 unique is the value we offer to every client. Using our cutting edge hybrid philosophy and training model we are able to further support each member and their unique health and fitness goals.

Hot Fitness L.L.C. was founded by Personal Trainer Curtis Robinson. Having first hand experience with how difficult it can be to reach our individual fitness goals, he combined personal training with gym membership.

If you are tired of not seeing the results you were hoping for in the gym, 
If you are tired of seeing gym equipment and not knowing how to use it properly.
If you have the motivation but need more instruction.
If you want to constantly improve and maintain your results......

Then Hot Fitness 24/7 is the training facility for you.

Real Support!

(Entry Level Memberships)
Hot Fitness 24/7 is unique as a gym open 24 hours everyday to members.

Look at most gyms, especially those gyms always screaming "No Commitment, Join for Ten Cents Today!"
They certainly mean what they say.

They have no commitment to their clients and they don't care if their clients get any benefits from joining.
It's always "Thanks for your money, here is a bunch of machines, good luck, please wear sleeves,"
and sadly, the people running the place barely resemble what you might expect someone in the fitness industry to look like.

At Hot Fitness 24/7 every member starts off with at least Entry Level Membership Support.
This includes our Hot Fitness smart phone app. Which when it is used, can make a huge difference in your results.

No matter what your goals in life are, let me give you some valuable advice. Track!!!!

If you are building a business, track your efforts and your results. Why? So you can make sure you aren't spinning your wheels!
Who wants to waste time?
When I'm putting in the hard work at the gym to build muscle or chip away at my Arch enemy "Bellyfat"
I want to make sure I am getting a reward for my effort!

The Hot Fitness App allows members to build their own custom workouts from our ever expanding database of
exercises and they can even watch HD videos of the exercises right on their phone, on how to do the exercise or use the equipment!

How many times have you joined a gym and only used 1 or 2 pieces of equipment because that is
all you knew how to do and didn't want to draw unwanted attention by asking a stranger? Or Worse!
Doing something completely wrong and having all eyes on you?!

THOSE DAYS ARE OVER with a Hot Fitness 24/7 Gym Membership

You can search by body part or name of exercise when building your workout routine and track 
all sorts of metrics including Time, Reps, Sets, Weight Lifted, and more.
You can view monthly overview reports which show you how much time you've invested
in exercise, 

You can monitor if you are getting Stronger, Faster, and more.

In addition to this, you can build meal plans, track your calories easily, and increase your chances of cutting or bulking.

I'M NOT DONE! Don't you want to know if you are making progress every month?!
Of Course you do! Thats why your running and lifting to improve something!

With the Hot Fitness Membership you can track your body fat %, Take circumference measurements to track muscle gain,
Track your weight loss goals and upload progress photos (For your eyes Only) to actually see the progress you are making!

This is just the beginning of the benefits every Hot Fitness 24/7 Entry Level Member will receive.

Real Motivation.

(Basic Level Membership)
Hot Fitness 24/7 began in Cherokee Oklahoma as a group fitness class led by Personal Trainer Curtis Robinson.
In an effort to expand the fun and benefits of group fitness, Hot Fitness 24/7 will offer a variety
of fitness classes and boot camps to cater to the different needs of the community.

Fitness Classes will fall into three categories. Beginner, Beast, and Freaking Brutal

We are always looking to expand the services our clients enjoy and so who knows,
we might add yoga, spin, or something else our clients enjoy sweating to.

​All members joining at a BASIC LEVEL Membership have all the benefits of the
entry level membership plus are welcome to attend an unlimited number of group fitness classes!

No Limit to your Transformation

(VIP Memberships)
When it comes to your health, there is no reason to stop improving.
After all this is your QUALITY OF LIFE we are talking about.

When it comes to your fitness level, there is no reason you have to plateau.

No matter what age or fitness level you are at Hot Fitness 24/7 is available to take you as 
far as your commitment level can.

No matter the goal, we want to help you achieve it, maintain it, and take you 
to the NEXT LEVEL when you are Ready.

For those who want that next level of value and to crank up the results from their time at the facility,
We offer VIP Memberships for those of you ready to make the first real commitment to your training efforts.
VIP's experience the support offered directly from a personal trainer who will design custom workout plans for YOU.

Having a detailed road map to your goals designed by a certified trainer keeping you accountable
tends to light a fire in the entire training process.

Having the trainer upload your workouts to your app account allows you the flexibility
to continue training during the times that are best for you!

You can leave your trainer comments after each workout, View HD video of the workouts he or she wants you doing,
Have your nutritional macro coaching, and reach out anytime to consult with the trainer as needed.

Anyone who has ever wanted to train but wish they could do so under the guidance of a fitness professional
can now affordably do so with the Hot Fitness VIP Membership. 

Elite Memberships

Elite Memberships are exactly as they sound.
They are limited, exclusive, and not everyone who applies will be accepted.

Elite Memberships are for members who are putting their health and fitness
as a very high priority in their lives.

These members have proven their dedication to themselves and make a serious investment into their bodies.

Elite Members experience the benefits of all other membership levels with some extra attention and live support.
Elite Members​
  • work directly 1 on 1 with a personal trainer every week at the facility
  • can receive detailed meal planning year round, every day of the year.
  • Having unlimited access to their personal trainer
  • have long term goals to maintain a high quality of life or performance
  • Receive complimentary massages from a licensed masseuse.
  • Have access to physical Therapy.
  • Have personal lockers.

The truth about your health.

 Hot Fitness 24/7 doesn't sugar coat anything. The percentage of the population at risk for many preventable diseases
is staggering. While we are very pleased to see more and more people taking an interest in maintaining their health and their bodies
we always feel like we can do more.

It starts with you. The time, energy, and investment you make into your own life, health, and fitness today
can save you literally thousands in healthcare costs over the years. You are worth investing in.

No matter your age or fitness level the very best HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY is the one YOU write yourself.

We believe your life has value and would love to see you maintain the quality it has throughout 
your lifetime. While not everything can be prevented, many things can.

The extensive research always shows us the same things. Humans that exercise and eat right by and large
reap the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Maintaining mobility, decreasing the odds of injury, improving cardiovascular function, increasing bone density,
reducing the risk for many diseases, feeling better, having more energy, and living longer healthier lives,
are just some of the  benefits people who exercise commonly experience.

​You are a quality person, you are WORTH the investment of a QUALITY LIFE.
New Equipment is always being added:
  • Power Racks Stations (coming soon)
  • Cable Crossover
  • Leg Press
  • Bench Press
  • Smith Machine
  • Lat Pull
  • Cable Row
  • Dumbells
  • Battling Ropes
  • Heavy Punching Bags
  • Weight Sleds (Coming soon)
  • Cardio Machines (Coming Soon)
  • Box Jump
  • Resistance Bands
  • Ladder Drills
  • TRX Suspension Trainers
  • Medicine Balls
  • Bosu Ball
  • Deadlift 
  • Hex Bar
  • Bench Press
  • Preacher Curl
  • and more....
  • Hot Fitness Training and nutrition APP
  • 24/7 Access
  • Towels
  • Showers
  • Saunas (Coming Soon)
  • Group Fitness Classes 
  • Meal Planning Available
  • Nutrition Supplement Store
  • App based & 1 on 1 Personal Training
  • Occasional Guest Speakers on Health, Wellness, & Nutrition.
  • Challenges and Bootcamps