Must read and accept terms.

The undersigned ("Member"), desires to become a member of Hot Fitness L.L.C. ("Hot Fitness 24/7"), and agrees to the following terms and conditions:​
  1. TERM.  All memberships of Hot Fitness are either month-to-month or annual (when paid in full), and payments are due in advance. Automatic drafts will not be cancelled without thirty (30) days written notice, either by certified mail, hand-delivery to the management of Hot Fitness, or by electronic means (i.e., email). No refunds will apply. There is a $30 activation fee on all new accounts and a $20 fee to replace lost key fobs.
  2. DEFAULT/REMEDIES.  Any monthly payment received more than ten (10) days after the due date shall be subject to a late charge of ten percent (10%) of the amount due or Twenty Dollars ($20.00), whichever is greater.
  3. MEMBERSHIP ACCESS.  Member will be issued an access code or key until keyless entry is operational, which will entitle Member to enter the premises and enjoy the use and benefit of the facilities of Hot Fitness 24/7 (collectively, the "Facility"). Member agrees not to allow any other person(s) access to the Facility using Member's access code, and Member will not allow anyone to enter the Facility along with Member. Member agrees to safeguard the identity of the access code. Should Member violate any conditions of Membership Access, the membership may be revoked with no refund, and criminal prosecution may be applicable.
  4. FACILITY AND HOURS OF OPERATION.  The Facility is an unmanned fitness center and, with the exception of any closures for maintenance or any mandatory shutdowns by property management or any governmental authority, is open twenty-four (24) hours, three hundred sixty-five (365) days a year.
  5. PERSONAL TRAINING.  Hot Fitness 24/7 Offers Personal Training Services to it’s Enhanced, V.I.P., and Elite Members. No personal trainer is permitted to train within the walls of our facility at any time without direct consent from management. Personal Training at Hot Fitness 24/7 is performed by Nationally Certified Personal Trainers who either employees of the facility or operating under contract. No other third parties have permission to operate in the capacity of a personal trainer without a written contract with the facility. All inquiries can be made directly with management during normally staffed hours of operation. Personal Training is at the SOLE DISCRETION of the trainer. Not all members will qualify for Personal Training. Availability is limited and trainer reserves the right to work with members he or she deems a good fit and exhibits the most potential for personal training without consideration for age, race, gender, sexual or political orientation and will always conduct themselves with the highest of ethical standards. Members may be asked to sign additional agreements to participate in personal training. The Personal Training agreement is a separate agreement made with Hot Fitness 24/7 and it’s qualifying members.
  6. RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY.  Member recognizes that there are hazards and risks connected with physical fitness training. These risks include, but are not limited to, abnormal blood pressure, fainting, heart disorders and heart attack, dehydration, heat exhaustion, sprains, muscle strain, blisters, stress fracture, shin splints, tendonitis, cartilage tears, bursitis, back pain and bruising of joints. Exercise beyond one's physical limits and/or accidents involving exercise equipment may result in serious injury or even death. Member agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Hot Fitness LLC (Hot Fitness 24/7) against any loss, damage or expense incurred by reason of any claim or liability based upon personal injury (including death) or property damage arising out of the negligent or intentional action of Member. Member further agrees to release Hot Fitness LLC and its owners, officer, agents, employees and/or affiliates from any and all liability arising out of injury to Member, and further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Hot Fitness LLC, its owners, officers, employees and/or affiliates free and harmless from against the same. Member acknowledges that surveillance cameras are in use for the protection of the Facility, its equipment and its members. Member hereby consents to being photographed and/or recorded for such purposes.
  7. RULES AND REGULATIONS.  Member acknowledges that Hot Fitness operates under rules and regulations established for the safety and protection of its members, and agrees to be bound by such rules and regulations, as well by the rules and regulations subsequently approved and posted or otherwise published by Hot Fitness LLC. Such rules and regulations in effect from time to time are incorporated into this Agreement by reference. Facilities, equipment, hours, service, regulations and policies are subject to change from time to time, without prior notice, in the sole discretion of Hot Fitness LLC. Member agrees to accept such reasonable change(s) as a condition of membership. Member additionally recognizes:
    1. Under no circumstances shall Member move exercise equipment or use the equipment in any
manner not authorized by Hot Fitness 24/7.
  1. All equipment shall be wiped down by Member after each use, with the supplies provided by Hot Fitness 24/7.
  2. This membership is for Member, and Member only, and Member will not give access to another individual.
  3. Member will not misuse the equipment.
  4. All members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, unless otherwise authorized by Hot Fitness 24/7
  5. Members shall conduct themselves in a quiet, well-mannered fashion so as not to cause any disturbance which may interfere with the use and enjoyment of the Facility by any other member. Profanity or indecent language and/or behavior will not be tolerated. Any conduct deemed by Hot Fitness 24/7, in its sole discretion, to be offensive, potentially harmful, dangerous or abusive will not be tolerated, and shall be grounds for termination of Member's membership by Hot Fitness 24/7.
  6. Hot Fitness 24/7 shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  7. Member should not occupy any equipment for an extended period of time. Member should allow others waiting to use such equipment to work into their rotation.
  8. The climate of the Facility is controlled by Hot Fitness 24/7and is set to provide the optimum exercise environment for the majority of its members. Members shall not change or seek to change any environmental controls and shall never prop open any doors or windows to the Facility for any purpose.
  1. PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.  Alcohol, drugs (including steroids), and smoking are prohibited within the Facility. Member agrees not to use the Facility or engage in any activity at Hot Fitness 24/7 while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication that may impair Member's ability to operate the equipment. No weapons of any kind are allowed. No photography, videotaping, filming or audio recording is permitted within the Facility without the express written consent of Hot Fitness 24/7 management. Hot Fitness 24/7 reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit the consumption of food or beverages, or to the use of outside equipment within the Facility. Gambling or gaming is prohibited within the Facility or on the premises.
  2. DRESS/TOWEL POLICY.  Hot Fitness requires that members wear appropriate clothing and footwear while in the Facility. Appropriate clothing includes gym shorts, T-shirts, jogging suits, aerobic wear and sweat outfits. Street clothing and jeans are not considered appropriate clothing. Street shoes and black-soled shoes are prohibited within the Facility. Member agrees to use a cloth towel during workouts to protect and clean the equipment after Member's use.
  3. MEMBERSHIP TYPES.  Hot Fitness offers Entry, Basic, VIP, & Elite Memberships
This Membership Agreement is:  □Entry  □Basic  □VIP  □Elite
  1. COUNTERPARTS. This Agreement may be executed simultaneously in two or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, but all of which together shall constitute one and the same agreement.
  2. HEADINGS.  The headings in this Agreement are inserted for convenience only and shall not constitute a part of this Agreement.
  3. BINDING EFFECT.  This Agreement shall be binding upon, inure to the benefit of, and be enforceable by the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns.
  4. ENTIRE AGREEMENT.  This Agreement, including the schedules, lists and other documents referred to in this Agreement which form a part of this Agreement, embody the entire agreement and understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter contained in this Agreement. There are no restrictions, promises, warranties, covenants or undertakings, other than those set forth or referred to in this Agreement. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements and understandings between the parties with respect to each subject matter.
  5. GOVERNING LAW.  This Agreement, and all documents mentioned herein by reference, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Oklahoma.
  6. FURTHER ASSURANCES. The parties agree to execute such further documents as may be necessary, proper or convenient, for the purpose of fully effectuating the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  7. SUSPENSION AND TERMINATION.  I understand that Hot Fitness LLC may suspend or terminate my membership at any time, in it sole and absolute discretion, for non-payment of Membership Fees or for violation of any of Hot Fitness 24/7’s policies and procedures, and that in so doing, Hot Fitness LLC assumes no further liability to adhere to the terms of this Agreement.
  8. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS.  As a Member, I understand that I am entitled to use the Facility within the scope of the membership that I have selected, and that I am obligated to pay my dues and fees regardless of whether or not I use the Facility. I agree to promptly update Hot Fitness 24/7 of any change in my contact information (including address, telephone number or email address) or change in credit information.
  9. Group Fitness Classes. If I choose a membership level that includes Group Fitness Classes/Boot Camps, I understand that from time to time Classes may be rescheduled or cancelled due to circumstances which may or may not be foreseeable by Hot Fitness 24/7. Hot Fitness makes no guarantee about the number of available classes and absolutely no guarantees that I will experience any Aesthetic results for attending such classes. Instructors cannot guarantee I will lose weight or gain muscle and I understand that results others have experienced through group training may not be typical.
I certify that I have read the foregoing Membership Agreement, and that by signing below, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions hereof. I further acknowledge that a fully executed copy of this Membership Agreement has been provided to me.