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By using H.O.T. Fitness (Healthy Optimum Training) you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. H.O.T. Fitness reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at anytime without notice, and your continued use of the website or apps constitutes your consent to such changes.

This digital certificate will be considered void if bartered or purchased by the recipient. The certificate is valid for a reservation request offering two adults, 30-70 years of age, 5 nights of Luxurious Resort Accommodations in your choice of either Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, ,Mazatlan, Acapulco,or Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Upgrade options are available to use in Cabo San Lucas. Only one traveler needs to be 30-70 years of age. Your cost to redeem this certificate and book the reservation is just the local government taxes and tourism fees of only $19.70 per night. All reservations require a minimum of 30 days advance notice to book. If you book your travel dates, and you do not end up traveling then the fees and taxes paid are non refundable. Check in available 7 days a week. The recipient of this certificate is responsible for all expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food, gratuities, and any other miscellaneous expenses. This certificate cannot be combined with any other promotional vacation offer. The expiration date on this certificate pertains only to redemption of this certificate and not actual travel. You must redeem this certificate within 7 days of receiving it.Travel can be completed within 18 months after redemption.Only one certificate per household. This certificate has no cash surrender value, void if discontinued and where prohibited by law. The terms of this offer are subject to change without notice. Do not rely upon representations other than what is printed on this certificate. To redeem simply call our toll free number on digital certificate

Our Medical Disclaimer is found in a link at the top of every page. By using this web site, our app, purchasing any training whether online, in person, or a boot camp you agree to the HOT Fitness Medical Disclaimer.

All information on this website, applications, blogs, social media pages, and provided by trainers is for informational and educational purposes ONLY! Website visitors, clients, users of affiliated programs such as boot camps or applications provided by HOT Fitness understand and agree that HOT Fitness is NOT a Registered Dietitian and cannot diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease. HOT Fitness makes no claims regarding the safety of specific diet or drastic changes to anyone's diet and STRONGLY RECOMMENDS any person SEEK PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE FROM THEIR PHYSICIAN OR REGISTERED DIETITIAN BEFORE BEGINNING ANY DIET OR EXERCISE PLAN. BY USING THIS WEBSITE, OUR SERVICES, OR APPLICATIONS YOU AGREE TO ASSUME 100% LIABILITY FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGES THAT MAY ARISE FROM EXERCISE OR DIETING. HOT FITNESS MAKES NO CLAIMS OR GUARANTEES REGARDING ANY RESULTS PERTAINING TO SPECIFIC DIETS OR EXERCISES IN OUR PROGRAMS. 

By participating in any of our online or in person training programs including boot camps, personal training programs, nutritional coaching or attempting methods of exercise or dieting that have been published by HOT Fitness on this platform or any other you understand that INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY. Before and after photos and testimonials from other clients or staff are presented for educational and informational purposes only and by no means constitute a claim by HOT Fitness that the results are typical. Each individual understands and agrees that no such claim is made by HOT Fitness and we make no promise or contract of any specific result from an individual choosing to participate in any exercise, exercise program, diet or boot camp. HOT Fitness does not make claims or guarantees any client or non-client will achieve any specific result from the information, programs, or services provided by HOT Fitness.

HOT Fitness is an Oklahoma based L.L.C. and it's intended customers are Oklahoma residents. The website is provided for the convenience of these customers. This website and our services are marketed to Oklahoma residents and Hot Fitness L.L.C. does not intentionally market our products or services to residents outside of Oklahoma. Therefore all visitors and/or customers agree that Oklahoma regulations shall govern any agreements HOT Fitness L.L.C. may enter into with any customer and both parties shall rely on the statutes set forth and governing business services in Oklahoma. If any customer who resides in any other location beside Oklahoma they understand that Oklahoma law only shall apply to HOT Fitness and that no other territory, state, or country have any legal jurisdiction in any contract, service, product, or information provided by HOT Fitness L.L.C.

Personal Training Terms and Conditions 1. Personal training sessions that are not rescheduled or canceled 24 hours in advance will result in forfeiture of the session and a loss of the financial investment at the rate of one session.  Clients arriving late will receive the remaining scheduled session time, unless other arrangements have been previously made with the trainer.  The expiration policy requires completion of all personal training sessions within 120 days from the date of the contract unless otherwise agreed upon in a written contract with trainer. Personal training sessions are void after this time period. 4. No personal training refunds will be issued for any reason, including but not limited to relocation, illness, and unused sessions.
BOOT CAMP  AND GROUP FITNESS CLASSES-1. Boot camps are limited in size. Because of this clients are NOT ELIGIBLE for any refund once they have purchased a spot to participate in any boot camp provided by HOT Fitness in any location. HOT Fitness L.L.C. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who may disrupt boot camp sessions or in any way impair the trainer to effectively lead the instruction of the boot camp sessions. If the trainer chooses to remove the client from the session the client shall be refunded no more than 50% of the purchase price of the program. Clients shall NOT ATTEMPT to undermine the instructors training by attempting to hijack or lead a session themselves. Clients understand that they are customers of HOT Fitness LLC and in no way represent the company.
ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING Anyone who downloads the HOT Fitness Application or purchases packages available via our app or online understand that are sales are final. Programs are made available for the length of time determined in the package purchased. ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND THERE SHALL NOT BE ANY REFUNDS. 

HOT Fitness L.L.C. does it's very best to maintain the privacy of information of it's clients and website visitors. HOT Fitness L.L.C. DOES NOT AND WILL NOT sell any personal information of it's users, clients, or visitors. If you so choose to do so you may sign or digitally agree to a client consent for to allow HOT Fitness L.L.C. and it's trainers to use your likeness and experiences with HOT Fitness as part of our testimonial publications from time to time on whatever platform HOT Fitness L.L.C. determines.
By signing or digitally agreeing to our client consent forms made available in person or through our online client portals you will be agreeing to following:
 hereby grant to HOT Fitness L.L.C. and his/her agents the right to use my name, biographical information, photographs, images, story and/or testimonial, in whole or in part, and without restriction as to changes or alterations. The rights granted herein shall extend in perpetuity, unless revoked in writing to HOT Fitness L.L.C. by me, throughout the world and for any purpose whatsoever, including without limitation for marketing and advertising purposes of HOT Fitness L.L.C., and in any and all media, including without limitation HOT Fitness L.L.C.'s website. I acknowledge that HOT Fitness L.L.C. has no obligation to return any photographs or images to me. I hereby RELEASE, WAIVE and FOREVER DISCHARGE any and all claims arising out of, or in connection with, such use by HOT Fitness L.L.C., including without limitation any and all claims for libel or invasion or privacy. I hereby warrant and represent that I am at least 18 years of age and have the right to contract in my own name. I have read the above Release and am fully familiar with the contents thereof. This Release contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto as to the subject matter contained herein

HOT Fitness L.L.C. does not discriminate against any individual because of age, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other protected class. HOT Fitness L.L.C. endorses and adheres to the principles of equal opportunity Because exercise may impact directly the health and well being of certain populations HOT Fitness L.L.C. may require a release from a licensed physician or medical professional from any participant that HOT FITNESS L.L.C. may determine is "at risk". HOT Fitness L.L.C. is morally and ethically bound from the NASM certified personal trainer's scope of practice to provide the safest and professional environment to all it's clients. "At risk" is determined by client's answers to medical questions on the Par Q form as well as assessments with a certified trainer.

HOT Fitness L.L.C. may include material from third parties or include links to third party websites in its products and services. Such material is provided as a convenience to you and the HOT Fitness L.L.C. assumes no liability or responsibility for such third party materials or websites. Please note that these third party websites may have privacy policies that differ from those of the HOT Fitness L.L.C. and the HOT Fitness L.L.C. encourages you to carefully read those policies. The HOT Fitness L.L.C. Privacy Policy applies only to information collected by this or other HOT Fitness L.L.C. websites.