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Program Length per couple
Home or Gym Workouts?
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Full Name
Here's How it Works!

Upon Purchase, I'll call you to set up the initial details of how we deliver your gift, to your special someone!

I will also learn more about you both and your health and fitness goals, and whether you want to work out in a gym or at the house!

Not in shape? Don't worry! This program is meant to bring you both closer together and spend some time focusing on your health and appearance, not leave you too drained for know!

You can start the program within 2 weeks.

The program is customized for you both and I deliver it through my app! You can track your nutrition, before and after photos and watch and log all of the workouts I assign for you. 
In case you guys differ a little bit in your fitness level, you each get your own app, you know, because maybe she can do more push ups than you. Ok, that was just a joke, but dang if so, nothing wrong with that.

I will check in on you guys about every two weeks on Skype if you like so if the plan needs altered we can make changes. You can Facebook or email me anytime but it may take me a day or 2 to respond.

You will get 3 customized workouts per week you can do together!

How long will you have weekly workouts and a personal trainer at your disposal?
You pick the length of the Couples Package!

Hint:They all work out to about $5 a day, the most affordable I've offered this package. 
YES She is worth it, dumb question!

*These RATES ARE FOR COUPLES who join before Valentines Day!!
  • 1 month = $150 
  • 2 months =$300 
  • 3 motnhs = $450